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Since 2007, more than 1000 scientific articles have been published in a number of world-renowned medical and scientific journals. More than 800 clinical studies have been conducted on patients in a number of hospitals and universities worldwide. They inhaled hydrogen gas (H2) or drank water enriched with it(2-3 liters per day) for 4 to 24 weeks. In some of them the results were impressive. The therapeutic effect of molecular hydrogen in over 170 types of pathologies and its healing effect on every organ of the human body has been established. The 7th European Conference on Hydrogen Medicine in the 21st Century was held in Slovakia and the Czech Republic in October 2019. The organizer of the event was the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy /link/.


H2MEDICAL LTD is a company specialized in the distribution of high quality health products. Here you will find hydrogen water devices with certified medical quality and high concentration of hydrogen gas (H2) for optimal therapeutic effect. Our team was highly impressed by the large number of clinical studies and medical reports showing the therapeutic effects of hydrogen gas. We truly strive to contribute to the health and better quality of life of as many people as possible in Bulgaria! Because health is for everyone and everyone deserves health! We have carefully researched and selected the models we offer. Each of our hydrogen gas water enrichment generators is manufactured to international quality standards and has the necessary certification to ensure you 100% pure and efficient hydrogen water. H2MEDICAL LTD provides 2 years of international service warranty for our products, as well as after-warranty service. Since 2019, H2MEDICAL has become part of the lives of thousands of people. Thank you for your trust!


Why has H2MEDICAL become a part of thousands of people's lives? Now the best is EVEN BETTER:

EFFICIENCY! This allows it to enrich water under pressure, which creates a maximum concentration of hydrogen gas in the water of up to 5000 ppb. NANO TECHNOLOGY optimizes performance and allows hydrogen storage for up to 5-6 hours after enrichment. The unit provides us with the maximum dose of health and energy.

H2MEDICAL PRO is the latest generation hydrogen water device. It can work seamlessly with mineral water, spring water, table water, purified tap water, TEA, MILK, JUICE and WINE.

SAFETY! A good hydrogen water device brings us health, and one of questionable quality hidden harm to the body. H2MEDICAL PRO has an ion exchange membrane with the highest safety class to isolate ozone from water when water molecules break down. This guarantees us 100% pure hydrogen water without ozone (O3). Ozone is carcinogenic when taken internally and should not be taken with water.

TRITAN MATERIAL. The body of the unit is made of Tritan, which does not contain Bisphenol A (BRA free material) and is absolutely safe for human health. Its strength and high temperature resistance make it safe even when using the appliance with hot drinks.

The  SERVICE LIFE of the generator cell is from 6000 to 8000 operating hours, which makes H2MEDICAL PRO - the unit with the longest service life in a class of portable hydrogen gas water enrichment devices.


CONVENIENCE AND FUNCTIONALITY! The multifunctional cover of the unit allows its easy and convenient use as a PORTABLE INHALATOR. The structure of the lid does not allow leakage and features a push-button valve for easy and safe pressure release in the unit. The 5-minute program is suitable for both adults and CHILDREN, which is extremely convenient for a large number of users!


Why should you choose the hydrogen water appliances of the brand "KYK"?

  • KYK brand appliances are manufactured in South Korea. They are approved and certified by many domestic and international professional quality control organizations.
  • Since its establishment in 1980, the company's products have received more than 100 quality awards.
  • KYK Co Ltd. is an ISO13485 (Quality Management and Control in Medical Equipment Manufacturing) certificate holder.
  • KYK's instruments are manufactured and certified to GMP (International Standards for the Manufacture of Medical Equipment) standards.
  • KYK products are approved and certified as SAFE for use by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration).
  • KYK holds a safety certificate from the South Korean Atopic Association.
  • KYK products meet 55 quality indicators of the Drinking Water Rating System.
  • Once manufactured, each individual product of the brand is tested and inspected before shipment.


What does the HYDROGENIC WATER do in our body? Clinical studies of molecular hydrogen (H2) show:


The hydrogen gas molecule (H2) is only 2 microns and seamlessly crosses the blood-brain barrier, penetrates nerve cells, mitochondria and the cell nucleus itself.
H2 is the most powerful and effective antioxidant yet discovered. It possesses a unique selective ability - it binds to and neutralizes only health-dangerous free radicals, especially hydroxyl radicals.
H2 acts as a signalling molecule and a central regulator of biochemical processes in the cell. H2 brings the body to a state of homeostasis.
H2 quells inflammation throughout the body and repairs damaged cells and DNA.
H2 significantly improves glucose tolerance, lipid metabolism, cholesterol levels and reduces visceral adipose tissue production.
H2 provides energy and endurance by increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria and reduces muscle fatigue by significantly reducing the release of lactate into the blood during exercise.
H2 acts synergistically with drug therapy, protecting the body from the harmful side effects of drugs. H2 improves the quality of life in patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
H2 has no toxicity. No negative side effects or accumulation in the body have been found as a result of long-term intake of large doses of H2.


Learn which are the Hydrogen Tolerant Diseases in the menu HYDROGEN MEDICINE /link/.


Molecular hydrogen (H2) eliminates oxidative stress induced by intense exercise. This protects muscle fibres and organs from damage. H2 is the most powerful and effective antioxidant discovered to date (176 times more powerful than vitamin "C").
H2 prevents lactate levels in the blood from rising during exercise. This significantly increases endurance and reduces muscle fatigue. H2 supports recovery after exercise.
H2 significantly increases the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) in the mitochondria of cells. This gives the whole body a powerful influx of energy and strength.
H2 improves performance and overall performance of professional athletes and people training for health, tone and energy.
H2 is not classified as a pharmaceutical product or a doping agent. H2 has no toxicity. No negative side effects or accumulation in the body have been identified as a result of long-term high-dose H2 intake.