22 Reasons: WHY do people around the world choose KYK brand HYDROGEN WATER generators?

22 Reasons: WHY do people around the world choose KYK brand HYDROGEN WATER generators?
9 June 2023

As consumers, we are all looking for safe and quality products. Especially when it comes to the beverages and foods we consume on a daily basis. We live in times where "doing business and making money" is often at the expense of us the consumer, and adhering to ethical standards is somewhere far in the past. However, the fact is that there are companies that have put the consumer on a pedestal. This is what makes them global market leaders and pioneers in creating ultra-modern technologies that are changing the world. Today, the team at H2MEDICAL will be bringing you some of the reasons why millions of families around the world have put their trust in KYK brand water appliances. For 4 years now, the company's products have been distributed in Europe. The 43-year history of the brand, the uncompromising quality and the maximum therapeutic effect are only part of what immediately gains attention. Now, let's note what else has made KYK water systems/connection/ familiar and loved since 1980 until today.

1. A clinical study showed that 85.7% of all GI hypersensitivity syndrome patients studied showed improvement and remission after daily intake of hydrogen water from KYK brand appliances. Learn which hydrogen-tolerant diseases are /here/.


2. Know-how! The company has been carrying out research and production activities in the field of water science since 1980. KYK Korea has over 40 years of professional experience!

3. R&D KYK Corporate Research Institute. KYK Operational Research Institute develops and creates the best products for drinking water purification and enrichment.

4. The company holds accreditation certificates and patents for medical equipment manufacturing. KYK holds more than 130 certificates and patents.

5. Continuous monitoring of current water performance of each individual KYK instrument before shipment. This ensures maximum accurate measured values in water of pH, ORP, PPB etc.

6. Use of tritan electrolyte in production. As of 2019, KYK uses tritan materials that are safe and BPA (bisphenol A) free, unlike many other manufacturers who still use ABS materials that are not BPA free.

7. Use of 99.99% pure platinum. 99.99% pure platinum, which is not recycled, is incorporated into every KYK product. Many competing manufacturers use low purity or used platinum.

8. Optimum dose of HEALTH due to powerful performance and maximum hydrogen concentration of 1575~1700 PPB Dissolved Hydrogen (parts per billion of hydrogen gas dissolved in water).

9. 100% complete inspection and quality control. Every single KYK unit goes through extensive inspection and verification after production. Only appliances that have passed a performance test, water leak check, performance check and visual inspection are released for sale. Many of our competitors only test and measure units selected at random.



10. Market price compliance policy. KYK products are sold at the same market price worldwide. This protects both the brand's distributors and their consumers. Statistics show that KYK appliances have the best price-quality ratio in the world market.

11. Use of high efficiency filters for water purification. Depending on the materials and components used in the filter, significant differences in quality are observed. KYK uses only Japanese activated carbon and top grade materials in the production of filters, and does not compromise its quality with cheaper raw materials from China, Malaysia and the Philippines.

12. The company holds a Technical Patent for the electrolyte cell in KYK hydrogen water generators. KYK uses state-of-the-art PEM technology to isolate ozone from water. It uses solid titanium hybrid electrodes that are coated with 99.99% pure unrecycled platinum. The instruments generate high purity hydrogen water with hydrogen gas concentrations in excess of 1600 ppb.

13. Each of our instruments has a high voltage protection system. Unfortunately, many of the water appliances on the world market do NOT have such an overcurrent protection system.

14. KYK holds 13 Gold Medals from the International Invention Competition, Presidential Order of Industrial Merit, the Company is part of the Professional Ranking for Domestic and Foreign Water Experts, KYK's President has 9 participations in the country's economic diplomacy, KYK is the President of the Korea Water Industry Association.

15. Preferred and convenient type of water supply: tap water / Reverse Osmosis (RO) system. KYK appliances can be connected to any water supply. Turn any tap water into drinking water and use it with confidence.

16. KYK appliances feature an automatic pole cleaning system APEC (Automatic Pole Cleaning). The water goes through 13 stages of purification. Periodic use of the automatic cleaning program after use maintains higher hygiene of the filters and generator. Thanks to the cleaning program, the service life of KYK appliances is over 10 years.

17. Measurements of KYK appliances show zero water loss during cleaning and processing. This makes KYK systems particularly preferred in places around the world, such as India and Africa, where drinking water is scarce.

18. KYK is a manufacturer with long experience and know-how. Over its 43 year history, the company has produced and continues to produce bottled water, water purifiers, alkaline water ionizers and hydrogen water generators. Learn the difference between alkaline and hydrogen water /here/.


19. All appliances manufactured by KYK Korea are of the highest quality. The company does not compromise its products by using cheaper materials from China. Only parts and materials manufactured in Korea and Japan to strict quality standards and long service life are used.

20. KYK Korea is a global brand. The company exports and distributes appliances to 53 countries worldwide. KYK appliances are known and loved by consumers in China, India, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Chile, Russia, Philippines, Mauritius, Italy, Austria, Romania, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Canada, Croatia, Iran, Kuwait, Spain, Australia, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Polynesia, Finland, Denmark, Qatar, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Central Africa, Slovenia, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan , Ukraine, UAE, South Africa, Panama, France, UK, Gibraltar, Morocco, Lithuania, Estonia, Israel and Japan.

21. Absolute SAFETY of appliances. Four indicators distinguish the water quality and safety of KYK appliances:

1. The water contains no artificial or residual magnesia. - The magnesium tablets available on the market for making hydrogen water saturate the water with both hydrogen gas and magnesium oxide (MgO) as a by-product of the reaction. MgO makes it difficult to absorb minerals and causes side effects such as rash, itching, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, nausea, vomiting, etc. KYK's devices enrich water with hydrogen through a latest generation patented electrolytic cell.

2. The devices are without water tank. - The presence of a water tank in some machines, leads to the formation of biofilm on the container, which is a prerequisite for the formation of dangerous stagnant water.

3. Water does not contain ozone. - Hydrogen water generators use a process that breaks down the water molecule, releasing hydrogen gas (H2) but also forming ozone (O3). Ozone is carcinogenic if taken internally and should not be taken with water. KYK appliances feature the latest generation of pEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane), which separates the ozone and guarantees you pure hydrogen water without the presence of ozone.

4. The appliances do not use a water flavoring device. - Ozone has a characteristic pungent smell and manufacturers who cannot remove it from the water equip their appliances with a water flavouring device so as to mask its smell.


22. KYK offers a diverse product range of medical water devices to suit the different needs and requirements of each user. The HIGEN+ and HYM+ series appliances offer you uncompromising quality at the proven best price on the global market. They can be installed both above and below the kitchen countertop. Water from KYK medical appliances can be used daily to improve the health of every member of the family. The types of water from the brand's appliances are also commonly used to disinfect and sterilize food products, as well as in treating skin conditions and performing cosmetic procedures in a home or professional environment.


Over the years, KYK's compact medical water devices have received over 100 international quality awards. The brand is known in more than 50 countries worldwide and offers 8 models of Alkaline Water Ionizers. For obvious reasons, H2MEDICAL only distributes the Hydrogen Water Generators from the brand's new product line. Medical research has shown that the health benefits of hydrogen water intake far outweigh those of alkaline water intake. The strong healing effect of hydrogen gas and the lack of contraindications to its intake, led manufacturers to gradually replace the range of ionizers with generators for enriching water with hydrogen gas.

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