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NANOPHOTONE HPL LENSES / Protect and Support Vision in Macular Degeneration or Other Eye Diseases

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Quantum Medicine to Benefit Ophthalmology and Optics


"Hyperlight Optics uses the revolutionary "Bioptron Fullerene C60" technology that not only protects your eyes from all types of harmful light, but also improves the condition of your vision, nervous system and cognitive skills. Fullerene-coated lenses allow you to work intensively in front of devices with LED screens, without giving you a feeling of strain and overwork. Hyperlight Optics' nanophotonic lenses are 70mm in diameter, allowing them to be easily sized and fitted to most eyeglass frames available on the market. This allows you to adapt them to your desires, vision and taste, and make your own customized and unique "Hyperlight Optics" glasses. Framed lens fitting can be done by any major optical shop in the country.


Features of "Hyperlight Optics" Nanophotonic Lenses:


  • Provides 100% UV protection.
    Protects vision from all types of natural and artificial light.
    Transforms UV and high energy blue light (from LED screens) into green, yellow, orange and red - a visible light spectrum pleasing to the eye. The blue LED light and UV rays are transformed into a relaxing light for vision.
    Improves vision with prolonged use.
    Optimizes brain activity (EEG signals are harmonized)
    Regulates neuro/endocrine processes.
    Increases serotonin production and regulates serotonin/melainine ratio (reduces depressive and insomnia states).
    Affects the body's biological clock - circadian rhythm (regulates blood pressure and temperature).


  • Hyperlight Optics nanophotonic lens kit:
    Option I: Inside (LIGHT) Product Code: THE-SET-I
    Option II: Outside (DARK) Product Code: THE-SET-O
    When ordering, you must specify your desired option.
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    Manufacturer: Zepter MediCalP
    Manufacturer: Zepter






What is Hyperharmonized / Hyperpolarized Light (HPL)?


Sunlight is harmonized in time but not in space. When a beam of light passes through the patented innovative nanophotonic lens "Bioptron Fullerene C60", it causes the photons to harmonize simultaneously in time and space according to Fibonacci's Law. The light is thus converted into nanophotonic hyperpolarized light (HPL) with a symmetric structure carrying symmetric information. It is not only very pleasant, but also extremely beneficial for our cells. Unlike other types of light therapy, HPL has an infinite depth of penetration into the body, which gives an optimal therapeutic effect and allows the treatment of the whole organism.


Interaction between hyperharmonized light and the human body.


The discovery of the Fullerene C60 molecule won a Nobel Prize and led to a revolution in medical light therapy, laying the foundations for Quantum Medicine. Almost 75% of the human body is composed of biomolecules and biostructures that recognize Fullerene C60 as a similar element. The Bioptron Fullerene C60 nanophotonic lens generates hyperharmonized light that impacts similar biomolecules, biostructures and bioprocesses in our body, resulting in restoration of balance and homeostasis in our cells, tissues and organs. Thus, hyperharmonized light has a healing effect on brain waves, on the clathrin (a complex protein structure in the brain responsible for synchronizing the activity of neurotransmitters) and on the mitochondria in the cell. The production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by mitochondria is a major energy source and is vital for the normal functioning and health of our cells. Mitochondrial atrophy is a major cause of damage and premature death of our cells, leading to the onset of disease. Hyperlight medical therapy with Bioptron Fullerene C60 technology restores the normal functioning of mitochondria resulting in a series of biochemical processes and repair of damaged cells, tissues and organs. The light spectrum used is low energy and absolutely harmless in the 480nm range. - 3400nm., which excludes dangerous UV rays and harmful aspects of blue and infrared light.


How does Hyperpolarized Light (HPL) work for Macular Degeneration on your vision?


Light therapy has been used in medicine for decades, but in the last few years it has established itself as an innovative method in the treatment of severe retinal pathologies. The method is known in Ophthalmology as Retinal Photobiomodulation and has been successfully applied for 2 years in specialized eye clinics in Europe, USA and Japan. Here are the main vision benefits of wearing Hyperlight Optics lenses:


The first important factor in a vision problem, and especially in retinal diseases, is protection from harmful types of light. Fullerene coated nanophotonic lenses guarantee you 100% protection from every type of natural and artificial light.


Restructuring and utilizing the harmful light spectrum into eye-toning and beneficial light is a revolution in optics. The "Bioptron Fullerene C60" technology converts dangerous UV rays and highly energetic blue light from LED screens into green, yellow, red and orange - a spectrum that relaxes and tones the visual cells. People suffering from Macular Degeneration stare at computer screens and other devices from a few inches away so they can read what is written. This close and intense illumination with high-energy blue LED light further aggravates their degeneration. Hyperluminous lenses offer them the comfort and security needed when using modern technology.


Stimulating the mitochondria in the retinal cells is one of the main goals when applying Photobiomodulation to restore vision. Light passed through Hyperlight Optics' Nanophoton lenses stimulates the mitochondria, which triggers a series of biochemical processes of great importance to the life and proper functioning of the visual cells.


Medical research has shown that prolonged wear of the Fullerene coated Hyperlight Lenses results in significant improvement in visual contrast. This is extremely valuable for people suffering from Macular Degeneration or other retinal disease. For them, the loss of contrast and severe light irritation impair their quality of life to a great extent.


Research on the effects of Hyperpolarized Light on brain activity and function.


Pilot studies of brain activity with EEG show that wearing glasses with nanophotonic fullerene coating promote activation of the posterior cornula cortex in the brain. This leads to an improvement in the coordination of visual information, attention, estimation of one's body position in the environment, retention of unnecessary information, and optimization of decision-making processes. The result is an increase in central information processing speed.


Another scientific study shows significant differences in the activity of the human brain under the influence of hyperharmonized light. While low-frequency oscillations characterize the default networks, differences in brain activity in the delta and theta ranges indicate a change in the activity of the default networks under the influence of fullerenes. Decreased activity in the alpha range in the right frontal area, suggests an increase in interregional synchronization with the incorporation of figural information into the thought process. Increased activity in the delta range in the temporal area, evidences activation of symbolic future modeling processes.