HYDROGEN WATER - a source of life! HOME changes with HYM3+. What makes this H2 water system different?

HYDROGEN WATER - a source of life! HOME changes with HYM3+. What makes this H2 water system different?
13 June 2023

Many of you have probably already heard about the hydrogen water machines that many Hollywood stars and world celebrities have been photographed with lately. The great interest in water enriched with hydrogen gas (H2) has been sparked by the hundreds of studies done since 2007 that show hydrogen's toning, energizing and rejuvenating effects. But its benefits don't stop there. Formal medical research shows the therapeutic effects of H2 in over 170 types of diseases. What you probably didn't know is that there is now a whole "sea" of different models of hydrogen water machines - portable and countertop units. The extremely small size of the H2 molecule prevents its storage in any kind of packaging. This has led to the need for the production of devices enriching water with molecular hydrogen (H2).

Our team has always stressed that in this "sea" of different devices, you should look for those with certified quality and high H2 saturation in water above 1200 ppb (parts per billion). The electrodes should be titanium coated with 100% platinum so that there are no oxides in the water. And the electrolytic cell must have a PEM (proton exchange membrane) membrane to release the ozone (O3) released during electrolysis. All of this ensures the purity and quality of the H2 water in your glass. Today, however, we want to turn your attention to the "Rolls Royce" of tabletop hydrogen water machines, as the company calls it.

"KYK" is one of the brands of H2 water devisec that H2MEDICAL Ltd. is an importer and distributor of. Before we introduce you to their HYM3+ apparatus, let's say a few words about the company itself. KYK Co Ltd. was established in 1980 in South Korea. We immediately note that South Korean quality has been rivaling Japanese quality for decades. The company has specialized in manufacturing water systems since its inception. During its 43-year history, the brand became the winner of over a hundred international quality awards. KYK devices are well known in over 50 countries and hold medical certification for safe use and quality.

And now here are the highlights highlighting the HYM3+ water system as a premium appliance and stylish addition to your home or office.

The first thing that immediately impresses is the compact size - 24/38/13cm (W/H/D), making it convenient and functional, even for smaller kitchen countertops. The unit weighs just 3.4 kilograms. The beautiful and elegant design immediately catches the eye and the neutral colours make the appliance suitable for any kitchen colour scheme. Six touch-sensitive touch buttons provide you with convenient and easy system control, and the ceramic starter tap ensures trouble-free and long-term use. The HYM3+ connects directly to the mains water supply. Its 4-stage filtration system guarantees you 100% pure drinking water enriched with molecular hydrogen. The complex filter system has a capacity up to 7000 litres and features an integrated microchip that gives an indication of its remaining life.

The most significant highlight, of course, is the purity, quality and instant high hydrogen saturated water. Unlike other bench-top units that offer H2 concentrations up to 1000-1200 ppb, the HYM3+ has H2 saturations in excess of 1570+ ppb. Patented superior technology provides you with pure high quality H2 water free of ozone, magnesium and odors.

The device offers you 3 hydrogen water programs: 1)High, 2)Medium and 3)Low H2 saturation - suitable for children. The default program is always 2)Medium H2 saturation. If you want a different program - press the corresponding touch button and turn the start tap.

Thanks to the premium filtration system you can select the program for purified drinking water without H2 content.

The ozone water program offers you a great opportunity to sterilize and disinfect everything you can think of - hands, skin sores, open wounds, surfaces, objects, toys, cooking meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. Viruses, bacteria, fungi, microorganisms - they have no chance to survive after cleaning with ozone water. It is used by surgeons for disinfection before surgery, and in the food industry to sterilize various products.

The self-cleaning program of the electrolytic cell enriching the water with H2 highlights the distinctive quality of the unit in its class. A specially developed intensive cation exchange membrane in the electrolytic cell allows convenient and easy cleaning. Simply select the program and turn the start tap. You let the water run for about a minute. This way the electrolytic cell will clean itself of accumulated minerals and you will always have hydrogen water with maximum H2 content.


The installation of the appliance is extremely easy and can be done by any plumber. A pressure regulating valve is installed under the countertop and is included in the accessory kit. Water from the mains first passes through it and is then piped to the HYM3+ already under regulated pressure. A white PVC soft connection is what makes the water supply to the back of the unit, so as not to disturb the beautiful look of your kitchen line. This white soft connection is also included in the accessory kit. Periodic filter replacement is elementary and can be done by anyone in the household. It stops water from being fed to the unit. With one turn, the filter is removed from the socket and also with one turn the new filter is inserted. Its capacity of 3,500 litres guarantees a family of four clean, quality drinking water for over a year. Give you and your loved ones what is most precious - HEALTH and a better quality of life. Millions of families around the world have already chosen KYK hydrogen water generators.

The H2MEDICAL team truly strives to educate the sociality, as well as contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. Our devices have medical certification and are distinguished by maximum therapeutic effect as well as the highest safety class. /see the devices/.


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