BIOPTRON Pro1 / MEDICAL HPL therapy / QUANTUM light nanophotonic technology from SWITZERLAND

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  • Light wavelength: 480 - 3400 nm
  • Polarization degree: >95% (590 - 1550 nm)
  • Specific power density: average 40 mW/cm2
  • Light energy per minute: average 2.4 J/cm2
  • Light intensity: minimum 10 000 lux
  • Lens: Fullerene C60 nanophotonic lens - Fibonacci's Law hyperpolarized light with infinite penetration in the body.
  • CE Certificate: CE0197
  • Weight: 3.4 kg
  • Power consumption in sleep mode: 0.5 W
  • Power supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 90 VA
  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Safe and without side effects.
  • Easily portable.
  • Provides a high degree of comfort for conducting healing therapy.
  • Built-in safety system.
  • Flexible in use with the ability to reach all areas of the body.
  • User-friendly installation and adjustments.



The treated part of the body should be at a distance of 5 - 10 cm from the lens, the light should fall at an angle of 90 degrees. Bioptron light therapy is designed for individual application. The duration of each treatment session and of the entire course of treatments depends primarily on your health problem and the condition of the area of the body to be treated. Depending on the clinical picture, treatment sessions with the Bioptron light therapy last for a few minutes, once or twice a day. Use Bioptron in accordance with the instructions for use.
Bioprton Medical Light Therapy is recognized as a unique method of treating a variety of medical conditions.
Based on innovative and revolutionary advances, a highly qualified team of world-renowned experts and scientists in collaboration with our Swiss laboratory developed the Bioptron light therapy system. It is a certified quantum medical technology that is applied in the treatment, prevention and recovery of a range of medical conditions and health problems:
  • pain relief
  • bone and joint diseases
    muscle and neurological disorders
  • wound healing
  • dermatological diseases and skin inflammations
  • seasonal affective disorders
  • mental disorders
  • paediatrics
  • dental medicine
  • anti-aging


Light therapy with Bioptron stimulates and strengthens the body's natural restorative forces.It regenerates and balances the body, activating its ability to heal itself and bringing it to a state of homeostasis. Ten minutes of Hyperpolarized Light Therapy per day is sufficient to maintain optimal health, tone and energy in the body.


Bioptron's Hyperpolarized Light Therapy (HPL) is powerful at the quantum cellular level and achieves clinically proven therapeutic results. At the heart of every disease is dysfunction and atrophy of the mitochondria in our cells, leading to cell death and damage to our tissues and organs. HPL therapy restores, stimulates and maintains the activity of the mitochondria, which are the energy stores in cells. This leads to a series of biochemical processes that bring cells to a state of homeostasis, repair damaged DNA and regenerate settled tissues and organs.


The Bioptron Fullerene C60 nanophotonic filter converts polarized light into hyperpolarized light according to Fibonacci's Law, which acts at the quantum level to help balance the immune system and maintain optimal health. Bioptron Light Therapy is effective, painless, safe and easy to administer in both clinical and home settings. It is used in prestigious medical facilities, sports and spas around the world for patients with a variety of conditions:


  • faster wound healing
  • dilation of blood vessels in hypertension
  • increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • reduces oedema following trauma or surgery
  • reduces pain in recovery from sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • treatment of arthritis and neuropathy


Main therapeutic effects:
1. Has a strong therapeutic effect in depth on tendons, nerve endings, bones and internal organs.

regulation of cell proliferation

increases cellular energy

release of growth factors

excellent neovascularisation and improved angiogenesis

significantly improves the quality of newly formed tissue in scar treatment


2. Stimulation of the body's natural defenses

destruction of pathogenic microorganisms/bacteria in acne, skin infections-herpes zoster and herpes simplex

activation of neutrophils

stimulation of natural killer cells


3. Perceptibly reduces pain sensation

reduces swelling and inflammation

improves microcirculation

reduces muscle spasms

activates natural pain-relieving processes

4.Thermosensory and optosensory stimulation

Bioptron light therapy has sensory and neural effects that reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and depressive states. The sensation of sunlight induced in the sensory organs skin and eyes is of great importance in the regulation of the circadian rhythm. Bioptron Medical Light Therapy includes the entire visible light spectrum without the dangerous UV rays and part of the infrared spectrum with intensities above 10,000 lux. This type of light therapy is also successfully used in veterinary medicine for the treatment of various traumas and wounds.


What do world famous doctors say about medical light therapy with BIOPTRON?

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