What is HYDROGEN WATER and what makes the devices for it different in price and quality?

What is HYDROGEN WATER and what makes the devices for it different in price and quality?
13 June 2023

Hydrogen is the first element of the Mendeleev table and surely this is no coincidence! It makes up 90% of the universe and makes our sun shine. It is right that we pay attention to it. In the last year, the rumor about the miraculous HYDROGEN WATER has reached Europе and has become a hot topic of conversation. Who doesn't want health, energy and youth? And while in Asia there are already H2 water dispensers installed in many hospitals and people there accept the portable hydrogen cups as part of their daily routine, in our continent the topic is shrouded in mystery, mystery and speculation.

As a result of the many questions we have received, we have decided to write this article so as to lift the veil and satisfy the information hunger. Information a lot, but in English and at an academic level. What is hydrogen water and what makes the devices for it different in price and quality? Where is the catch? We European are always looking for it... And so we should! The old wisdom says: "The customer pays twice!" Even more when it comes to health. A device for water that is drunk and not applied to the skin. Although H2 water has been used successfully for rejuvenation and as a soothing agent for a number of skin problems. But are there differences in the quality of the devices or is this pure speculation? Of course there are!. We will now share our knowledge with you.

Let's ask ourselves first. What is hydrogen water? The devices or in other words H2 water generators use the process of electrolysis. It results in the breakdown of the water molecule (H2O) into its constituent parts hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen gas/molecular hydrogen (H2) released in this process saturates the water. Note that the medicine, the discovery, that scientists and researchers talk about in their scientific reports is not the hydrogen/hydrogen ion (H) or the water itself, but the hydrogen gas (H2, as a separate molecule) released in the electrolysis. More than 1000 clinical studies have shown the therapeutic effect of H2 in over 170 types of diseases and its healing effect on every organ of the human body. The results of studies on patients with different diagnoses are published, collected and systematized by the INSTITUTE OF MOLECULAR WATER/ link/. The first article on the therapeutic action of H2 was published in 2007 in the prestigious scientific journal "Nature Medicine", where H2 was described as an extremely potent antioxidant with selective ability, which significantly reduces the levels of the most dangerous to health Hydroxyl radical. Many people do not know that a fraction of free radicals are actually necessary and beneficial to our bodies, and antioxidants such as vitamin C, E, Beta Glucan, etc. do not have the selective ability of H2 and intake of large amounts of them can be both beneficial and detrimental to health. The action of molecular hydrogen as a selective antioxidant makes it highly effective and very beneficial. Research has shown that its small size allows it to penetrate everywhere, even into the cell nucleus and mitochondria. H2 has been found to quell inflammation and repair damaged DNA and RNA, regulate all biochemical processes in the cell and bring the body to a state of homeostasis. In addition to its therapeutic properties, hydrogen is becoming extremely popular for its positive results in people who are actively involved in sports and those who are overweight. It stops the formation of visceral adipose tissue and regulates blood sugar levels. H2 stimulates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which gives the body lots of energy and strength. It successfully affects metabolic syndrome and lowers levels of the hunger hormone "ghrelin". Scientists call the action of molecular hydrogen - the greatest discovery in medicine after vitamins.



Now let's look at the question each of us has decided to add hydrogen water to our lives: WHAT DOES H2 WATER DEVICES DIFFER IN PRICE AND QUALITY? We will try in a few sentences to point out what we need to know when choosing our device. First, the electrodes in the electrolytic cell must be made of titanium coated with 100% platinum so that no harmful oxides are formed in the water. Many of the cups and jugs on the market have copper alloy electrodes, which determines their lower price. A second and very important element determining the quality is the presence of a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) membrane. It is located between the electrodes in the electrolytic cell and is the most expensive element in the devices. The decomposition of the water molecule in the water releases our precious hydrogen gas, but it also produces ozone (O3), and this is carcinogenic if taken internally. PEM technology prevents ozone from entering the water and it escapes through a small hole in the base of the generator. The presence of PEM provides us with pure hydrogen water.


The absence of of REM membrane gives us water with something very beneficial (H2) and something very harmful (O3) to our health. This makes the devices different, both in price and quality. The third important factor in the choice: this is the concentration of H2 in the water. The unit of measurement used for this is PPM (parts per million) or PPB (parts per billion). A high hydrogen saturation indicates a high quality electrolytic cell and gives us an optimal therapeutic effect. High H2 saturations are values above 1200 ppb (1.2 ppm). Low H2 concentration in water indicates questionable electrode quality. This is typical of older and cheaper models where the H2 saturation is below 1000 ppb (1.0 ppm). Many dealers rely on the consumer's lack of knowledge and do not even mention this indicator in the description of the devices they sell. Another metric you will see in the technical specifications of H2 water meters is the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water and its unit of measurement is the Millivolt (mv). It has long been used to measure soil and water quality in the environment. The better the quality of the generator, the higher this value will be, but with a negative minus sign (-). To better understand what is OXYCLITICAL POTENTIAL and OXYCLITICAL REDUCTION POTENTIAL we will mention that the ORP of carbonated beverages is +300mv and up, of tap water is around +100 mv, on older H2 water devices it is -100-200mv, and on quality devices the ORP is -400-600mv, even reaching -1000mv on devices with nano electrolysis technology. WATER is neutral pH 7.5 and has nothing to do with ALKAL water which is made by ionizers. It is important to note that water ionizers do not make hydrogen water. Indicative of the great interest in H2 water is the fact that manufacturers of water ionizers are now developing and offering to their customers appliances for water enriched with hydrogen gas.


Don't let this mislead you - hydrogen ion saturated (1600 ppb) water is NOT RICH in hydrogen gas at 1600 ppb. Alkaline/acid water ionizers saturate the water with negatively/positively charged hydrogen ions and do NOT enrich with hydrogen gas. Do not expect the water from these units to have the therapeutic effect of water enriched with hydrogen gas. H2MEDICAL only offers hydrogen water devices with high H2 output and optimal therapeutic effect.

We assume that you have already received more information, so we will stop here. We hope you find it useful. One thing can be said for sure: hydrogen water and H2 action will become more and more popular in the world. Bars and restaurants are already popping up in Europe offering the miraculous H2 water as a compliment to their visitors. The H2MEDICAL team truly strives to educate the public, as well as contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. Our devices have medical certification and are distinguished by maximum therapeutic effect as well as the highest safety class. /see the devices/


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