What is the difference between ALCAL and HYDROGEN WATER, and what are the devices for them?

What is the difference between ALCAL and HYDROGEN WATER, and what are the devices for them?
9 June 2023

It certainly matters what we eat and what beverages we take every day. In our increasingly dirty modern world, the qualities of drinking water are a frequently discussed topic. In addition to water purification and filtration, medics have for decades pointed to high alkalinity as being very beneficial to human health. In recent years, however, manufacturers of alkaline water appliances have switched to producing generators to enrich water with hydrogen gas. Why? To answer this question, let's clarify what is alkaline and what is hydrogen water. Is there and what is the difference between them?

The pH scale is from 1 to 14. Values above 7 are alkaline and those below 7 are acidic. Like all foods with a pH above 7, alkaline water is very good for the body. It is a fact that acidic food and low pH in the body lead to the occurrence of diseases. While intake of alkaline food (fruits and vegetables) and water alkalize the body and improve our health. Although studies of recent years have shown high alkalinity as stressful in certain conditions of the body. Significant is the fact that the pH of human blood is neutral 7. Most alkaline water meters achieve pH values between 9 and 11. By comparison, hydrogen water has a slightly alkaline pH of 7.5-8. But what makes water alkaline? Here's the answer. In alkaline water, most of the water molecules (H2O) have negatively charged hydrogen ions (H). The commonality with hydrogen water is that both have similar oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) values around -400mv -700mv. A similar ORP with a negative sign (-) is very beneficial to the body.

However, why has the intake of water enriched with hydrogen gas replaced the intake of high-alkaline water in recent years? In 2007, an article was published in the medical journal Nature Medicine pointing to hydrogen gas (H2) as a very potent antioxidant and the only one with selective ability. This started a series of studies and clinical observations. Their number has now exceeded 1000, and the data from them has led to the formation of a new field of medicine, namely Hydrogen Medicine and Biology. The methods of application of hydrogen gas in medicine are 3: taking it dissolved in water (hydrogen water), inhalation or infusion of saline solution enriched with H2. Interesting fact is that 2/3 of the studied patients showed the best therapeutic effect taking H2 dissolved in water. This has led to a great interest in the development and use of devices for enriching water with hydrogen gas. H2 has no toxicity, odour or colour. It is harmless even to young children and seriously ill people. But what is its powerful healing effect?

Clinical studies of molecular hydrogen/hydrogen gas (H2) show:

The hydrogen gas molecule is only 2 microns and seamlessly crosses the blood-brain barrier, penetrates nerve cells, mitochondria and the cell nucleus itself.
H2 is the most powerful and effective antioxidant yet discovered. It possesses a unique selective ability - it binds to and neutralizes only dangerous free radicals, especially the hydroxyl radicals responsible for chronic and severe diseases.
H2 acts as a signaling molecule and a central regulator of biochemical processes in the cell, bringing the body to a state of homeostasis.
H2 quells inflammation throughout the body and repairs damaged cells and DNA.
H2 significantly improves glucose tolerance, lipid metabolism, cholesterol levels and reduces visceral adipose tissue production.
H2 provides energy and endurance by increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria and reduces muscle fatigue by significantly reducing the release of lactate into the blood during exercise.
H2 acts synergistically with drug therapy, protecting the body from the harmful side effects of drugs. H2 improves the quality of life in patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
H2 has no toxicity. No negative side effects or accumulation in the body have been found as a result of long-term intake of large doses of hydrogen gas.

Let us repeat: Alkaline water is rich in H2O molecules with negatively charged hydrogen ions (H) and improves our health by alkalizing the body. Hydrogen water is rich in molecules of hydrogen gas (H2) that linger in the water for 1-2 hours and gradually evaporate. The broad therapeutic action of H2 described above, as well as its lack of side effects, make it one of the greatest discoveries in medicine. The greater the concentration of hydrogen gas in the water, the greater the health benefits. This raises the question of H2 performance in different types of devices.


What machines produce alkaline and hydrogen water? They can be placed into 3 main groups. In these devices there are two streams of water alkaline and acidic (cathodic and anodic). The second group are Alkaline Water Ionizers, which have a hydrogen water program added to them, which is mostly used by the user for obvious reasons. The third group are Generators for enrichment of water with hydrogen gas by electrolysis. This process makes the water molecule decompose, releasing hydrogen gas(H2) and ozone(O3). The hydrogen atoms/ions form H2, as a separate molecule in the water, and oxygen. In these appliances, there is only one stream of water - rich in hydrogen gas. To be safe, the unit must have quality SPE/PEM technology to separate the ozone from the water. O3 is carcinogenic when taken internally and should not be taken with water. Hydrogen water machines also offer an ozone water program which is used therapeutically in medicine for external application for seborrheic dermatitis, skin inflammation, acne, etc. This water also has a strong disinfecting effect when washing hands, food products and surfaces.

Due to the great interest in hydrogen water, it is common to find alkaline water ionizers misleadingly represented as devices for enriching water with hydrogen gas. Water saturated with negatively charged hydrogen ions at 1600 ppb is NOT HIGH IN HYDROGEN GAS at 1600 ppb. Make sure the appliance has the required safety certification - the presence of oxides and ozone in the water can cause hidden harm to the body. Pay attention to the hydrogen gas performance listed in the technical description. The unit of measure for the milligrams of H2 content of water is "ppb" (parts per billion) or "ppm" (parts per million). The higher the concentration, the higher the efficiency. Extras such as mineralization or water structuring are great, but they should not distract you from the main therapeutic agent in the water, which is the amount of H2 molecules.


HIGEN compact medical water devices are manufactured in South Korea. Since 1980, KYK water systems have received over 100 international quality awards. The water filters with high quality Japanese activated carbon, offer you crystal clear water with mild taste, and the electrolytic plate cleaning program maintains the high performance of hydrogen gas and makes the life of the unit over 10 years. The "KYK" brand is known in more than 50 countries worldwide and offers 8 models of Alkaline Water Ionizers. For understandable reasons, H2MEDICAL distributes only the Hydrogen Water Generators from the brand's new product range. Here are a few more reasons to make HIGEN medical water systems a part of your home.

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