Why HYDROGEN WATER is chosen by Japanese athletes for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021?

Why HYDROGEN WATER is chosen by Japanese athletes for the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021?
13 June 2023

Medical research shows that hydrogen gas (H2) is a highly effective antioxidant (176 times stronger than vitamin C) that neutralizes free radicals in the body and prevents damage to the body caused by intense physical activity. One of the easiest and most effective ways to take it is by drinking H2-enriched water. This is why hydrogen water has become the water of choice for intake by Japanese athletes at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

Hydrogen gas reduces blood lactate levels, improves athletic performance and prolongs physical endurance. A 2012 study by a professor at the School of Sport and Health at Tsukuba University in Japan found that drinking hydrogen gas-enriched water before, during and after exercise significantly reduces the level of lactic acid in the blood, reduces sports fatigue and helps athletes recover faster from physical exertion.

Exercise-induced over-oxidation of the body and a decline in the function of the antioxidant defense system are major contributors to contractile dysfunction of skeletal muscle. This leads to muscle weakness and fatigue. Molecular hydrogen (H2) prevents this - it is the most powerful and effective antioxidant known to science. Results from a study by Japanese Professor Hatana Gyazuki of Shitama University show that 1.5 litres of hydrogen water with an H2 concentration of 1500 ppb has the same antioxidant effect as 1407 apples / 104 carrots / 2061 bananas / 123 spinach or 10 pumpkins. The comparison is based on the beta carotene content of these fruits and vegetables. Scientists define the therapeutic action of H2 as the greatest discovery in medicine since the discovery of vitamins.

The hydrogen gas molecule is only 2 microns and can easily diffuse into tissues and remove toxic free radicals. H2 is an effective and innovative way to eliminate oxidative stress and sports injuries caused by exercise. Hydrogen gas is a natural element of nature and the World Health Organization (WHO) does not classify it as a doping or drug, as it does not have the characteristics of a pharmaceutical product. No habituation or negative effects on human health have been found as a consequence of long-term intake of large doses of H2.

Hydrogen water devices have become very popular in Japan in recent years. By 2020, the value of sales in this relatively new industry had reached 50 billion yen. More than 120 domestic and foreign brands of hydrogen water apparatus are available on the Japanese market. The main competitors to Japanese quality are brands from South Korea and China. In these countries, health institutions and the private sector work closely together to research and promote the therapeutic effects of molecular hydrogen. This has led to the formation of a new healthcare industry and field of medicine.

Due to the rapid development of hydrogen products, devices with large differences in quality and price are available on the market. Certification as well as the materials of which the electrolytic cell is made are particularly important when choosing a device. Electrodes made of titanium coated with 100% platinum guarantee us water without harmful oxides. The lack of a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) makes the unit significantly cheaper. This is a membrane that prevents the ozone released during electrolysis from entering the water. It is carcinogenic when taken internally and is produced as a by-product of the breakdown of the water molecule. Indicative of the quality level is the high H2 saturation of the water. 60% of the available devices produce low H2 saturation, around and below 1000 ppb., making them poorly effective.

The H2MEDICAL team truly strives to educate the public, as well as contribute to a better quality of life for everyone. Our devices have medical certification and are distinguished by maximum therapeutic effect as well as the highest safety class. /see the devices/


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